Perfect Roast Potatoes & A Simple Salad

Again, I share a recipe adapted from the always inspiring and forever creative, Jamie Oliver. When I think of comfort food, I think of these roasted potatoes: perfectly flavored, satisfyingly crunchy on the outside, and fluffy pillows on the inside. While there a few steps involved, it really is quite a simple recipe that pairs with just about anything….

Beet and Quinoa Salad with Greens and Avocado

I love the juxtaposing textures of crunchy and creamy in this beet and quinoa salad. It is lovely, simple, and the perfect meal after a farmer’s market haul. This can be enjoyed on its own as a satiating salad, or alongside a piece of grilled salmon or roasted chicken.

Brussel Sprout & Pear Salad with Goat Cheese

Here is a quick and simple twist on your usual steamed or roasted brussel sprouts. For this salad, I keep the sprouts raw, but you could always blanch them for a minute if you prefer. This is hearty and filling, but not too overwhelming. I especially enjoy the play between sweet and savory, crunchy and creamy. You…

An Autumn Salad

Today I share with you a simple salad that sings the flavors of the harvest. Since the ingredients are hearty, this is a great one to pack for a lunch as it can stand up to being put together a early & eaten later. Enjoy!

Apple, Cabbage, & Tuscan Kale Slaw

This beautiful salad is inspired by a side dish from our friends, Dustin and Natasha‘s, wedding. Their wedding was catered by a local BBQ called Spring Creek in central Maine. The slaw was a simple BBQ style with crunchy sweet apples in it and I instantly adored the cabbage-apple combination. Here, I omitted carrots (which would be…

Beet Salad with Pine Nuts & Blue Castello

After yesterday’s foreboding clouds & heavy air, the rain finally came. This morning the leaves are weighed down with a graceful heaviness, small streams are flowing down the street, & the dry earth has released a sigh of relief. The world is quiet; the summer bustle of car motors & the cackling of gulls have…