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Maine OceanWelcome to We Eat. Happy.! By day, I work as an internet marketer attempting to create authentic brand identities but most importantly trying to tell great stories. At night, I am here sharing my writing, photography, and the recipes that I make again and again.

Having developed an appreciation for many artistic mediums throughout my life, I find creating seasonal, nutritious food is the most life-giving. I have been eating a gluten-free and corn-free diet since the autumn of 2013, a change I made for my digestive health. WE EAT. HAPPY. has been a five-year journey of finding the right dietary balance for my life as well as a demonstration of how good food brings the ones you love around the table.

While eliminating processed foods and replacing them with whole, unrefined ones will assist in detoxification and lead toward a more energized day, I think of my diet as the way I strive to live my life: discarding the excess, appreciating the moment, and living simply. I am not a health professional or a nutritionist. I am enthusiastically sharing the recipes that I love cooking and the meals my family and I enjoy eating.

Thank you for stopping by my small nook here on the web as I continue to explore my passion for storytelling, healthy living, and creating comforting meals. I am always looking forward to collaborative opportunities and to answer questions so please feel free to say “hello”!

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