Perfect Roast Potatoes & A Simple Salad

Again, I share a recipe adapted from the always inspiring and forever creative, Jamie Oliver. When I think of comfort food, I think of these roasted potatoes: perfectly flavored, satisfyingly crunchy on the outside, and fluffy pillows on the inside. While there a few steps involved, it really is quite a simple recipe that pairs with just about anything. … Continue reading Perfect Roast Potatoes & A Simple Salad

Egon Scheile: Women

Stunning, haunting, and erotic, Egon Schiele’s paintings reveal the intense beauty and emphasize the mystery of the women that he painted. His women are never gazing directly at you, instead, you are on the outside of the glass pane looking into the intimate space that she lives in. You, mildly embarrassed, but certainly intrigued, are an observer peering into her private moment. Although she is … Continue reading Egon Scheile: Women